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Finance and Wars

Finance power wars.

And the extremely centralization of finance, especially the power of very very few decision makers to print money allows them to direct constant funds to extreme levels of weaponary buildup that enriches nobody else but the “defense” industry and all those who gain from the insane unstoppable growth of it.

This is not specific to any country or even the current era of time - the ability to wage wars have always been extremely tightly tied to the ability of the war wager to control as many parts of the financial stack as possible.

All the while, this causing extreme harm to innocents, deriving their own people of much needed resources and attention and sparking turmoil that could even lead to the destruction of the world.

Decentralizing finance, and returning that incredible power to the people have never been more important. Our job here is far more important than pumping bags or building tech - it’s about the ability to return the power to choose where to allocate resources back to the people.

Regardless of the short term market turbulence, we have to fight on and grow this industry and return the power back to the people.

The future of the world might just depend on whether we succeed or fail in this quest to return finance, and the incredible power it holds, back to where it should belong - all of us.