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Politics and Power

I am not inclined to get into political games - all political parties are by defacto crony centralizing forces (as far as I am concerned) and all individuals (myself included) can become utter pieces of shits if given enough power.

So the way to go has to be first to decentralize all markets, since that leads to decentralizing finance, which ultimately leads to decentralizing power.

That’s why the emergence of defi and memecoins as a bulwark against global centralized forces are not a meme in the slightest.

By showing that we as individuals, small distributed teams and decentralized can collaborate and create value as well as (or even better than) then best of them - we ultimately decentralize value creation, financial rails and at the end of it, power.

PS: That’s the reason why crypto celebrating ETFs is deeply unsettling to me - if the whole world owns ETH/SOL via blackrock - are we more decentralized or far, far less?