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Hype is a dragon

It can carry you to the sky then eat you up whole

Hype is a dragon
A fiery, beasty, powerful one
It’s also a lot of fucking fun
But the fun can eat you up

Play with it
Ride wuth it
Hang with it
Have fun with it

But never, never
Be used by it
Try to tame it
Or worse yet,
Fuck with it

It will carry you to the sky
Make you feel like a king
Then drop you like a mic Eat you up whole
All in 2 seconds

Most of the best entrepreneurs, politicans and influencers were masters of the hype machine, for you need that critical mass of attention to make movements. Yet, the very, very worse ones were masters of it as well, whether it is Hilter, Madoff or SBF.

The difference between the former and latter is simple - the former were always able to understand the difference between hype and reality, while the former eventually just started believing their own hype, and ended up being eaten by it, and often causing the ruin of entire communities or even nations.