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The M.R.S. Spell

The core ideas of money, religion, and society (MRS) have been deeply embedded in us since the birth of civilization, enforced through day zero propaganda, social demonization and legal violence.

For good reason, as tight control over these mental models has been key to keeping the populace in check, even more so than guns or nuclear weapons. After all, no matter how many guns you “own,” you still need a critical mass of people willing to pull the trigger for you.

This control of MRS is absolutely pervasive from the day you were born.

We like to think nation-states are very different, but the universal truth among all - from the USA to Israel, Iran, China, North Korea, to South Africa - is their extensive control over the populace by tightly managing these three key dimensions.

This has been the case for so long that even in a world where millions of new monies, religions, and societies are created daily, we still fall under the spell of old definitions, believing that only establishment-sanctioned money is real money, thousand-year-old religions are the only real religions, and societies are synonymous with nation-states.

Let’s break this spell today with a new belief system around MRS:

When a critical mass of people starts to develop these beliefs, we start to be able to see the possibilities of creating entirely parallel existences, which is what I personally really, really want.

By the way, this is in no way against the nation-state paradigm. I am not an anarchist; I am a cat. Cats live alongside humans happily and easily, and I believe that is the way forward as we drive this new meta forward.

No hate, all love.