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Markets Are Your Girlfriend

An ode to the one thing that is always right

Markets are your beautiful, emotional, volatile girlfriend
Understand her
Love her
Talk to her

Help her understand you
If she does not understand you
She’s gonna be fucking mad all the time
She’s gonna be passive aggressive
She’s gonna snipe at you

And it’s all on you
Because it’s your job to communicate
She can blame you for not communicating
But she cannot blame you for over-communicating

Of course, even she understands you
She can still be upset at you
For many, many reasons that you might or might not understand
Might or might not have to do with you

Maybe she’s going through something very deep
Maybe she has not been cumming
Maybe she thinks you don’t get it
Maybe your peers fucked up and she’s taking it on you

It will take time to understand
Her secrets are not easily shared
And she might not know herself
A woman’s emotions are deeper and more intense
Than us dickheads can ever comprehend

Or maybe YOU fucked up
Just fess up
Don’t fuck it up more by lying
Incompetence is a mistake forgiven with time
Lying is a sin rarely forgiven and never forgotten

Never be mad at her for being irrational
You did not date her because you were rational
You dated her because you need the cray
You loved it when she’s riding you
Learn to love it when she’s pegging you

No matter how much you love her
Regardless of you want to please her
Even when the pressure gets immense
Remember this simple thing

She is her
You are you
Let her do her thing
You do yours

If you forget this
You will get fucked
You will whine
But I did it for her
And no one will give a fuck

Last but not least
Even if she is wrong
Even if she is very very wrong
She’s always right

One of the hardest things about working in public is dealing with the markets. Most people I see swing from ignoring the markets to trying super hard to please the market. It took me a long ass time to learn that both approaches are basically copouts.

You cannot want to get all the gains from the market while hiding behind the persona of being a builder/coder/nice guy/try hard. No one cares, you are in the game, you chose to be in the game, step up and face the game.

Conversely, the other extreme I see are those that gives in to what the market wants, constantly saying stuff to reassure whatever the current narrative or criticism is, ending up with a ton of obligations that no one cares about because the market never cares about something for more than 2 seconds. Near is probably the most prominent sufferer of this, announcing one half ass pivot after another depending on whatever is the hot shit at the moment.

Anyway, my current approach is pretty simple. Be keenly aware of what the market expects me to do, but do my own thing.

There’s a certain magic silver in that venn diagram that is pretty magic if you nail it. That’s a big if of course, and might take a few tries, but oh so sweet when you hit that spot.

Markets do their thing
I do mine

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