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I Hate Sestinas

Freedom Of The Unloved

A sestina is a poetry style that is a pain in the ass to write.

Fyck Sestinas
I rather fyck sissies,
Or go to church and bang a sister,
I hate writing about sixes,
Forcing words just so they stick,
Maybe that’s what michelangelo did to paint the sistene

Why do Lewis like sestinas,
Why must we live by the sixes,
Writing like this is like fucking with your ass full of sticks,
I guess i will like it, if I am a sissy
If I have the patience of all the sisters,
Maybe I can then make my own sistene

Writing a good sestina
It’s like trying to roll sixes
Or curling wooden sticks
Or getting daisy to be a proper convent sister.
Maybe if Donald trump could kiss a sissy
I can make a sistene

I am so fucking stuck w the sestina
Some dude can paint the sistene
But all I can think of is crude jokes about sisters
Next time you make me write about sixes
Drive through my ass a fucking stick
Make me a proper sissy

I am bitching about sestinas,
Like a fucking sissy,
Having coitus in the sistene,
Sitting in a room trying to make up my sixes,
I am at the end of my mental stick,
Need help from all my sisters

I am finally at the end of my sixes
Fitted all the words like a singing sissy
Hopefully all these words can stick
Else I will make Simon a sister
This might just be a random sestina
But it sure feels like my own sistene

* This was the ending exercise in a writing workshop i did. I totally missed the memo on what we were supposed to do, so I wrote it in the last hour of the day, and i hated the process so much that this is last sestina i will ever write.

Lewis was the instructor, Simon the host and Trump was the president of the united states. All of them are cunts.